Fining treasure with Gold Rush Mining Adventures

Unearth Treasures with Gold Rush Mining Adventures

The experience is authentic and the treasures real with Gold Rush Mining Adventures. Start with inexpensive geodes, swish them in the water wheel and sluice just as prospectors have done for generations, and reveal hidden treasures like gemstones, fossils, minerals, even dinosaur bones. Fun for the entire family. Open daily. 40016 Big Bear Blvd. (909) 866-5678.

Get Geodes "Crack-en" and Discover Minerals, Fossils, Dinosaur Bones

Discover your own treasures while experiencing Big Bear history firsthand with Gold Rush Mining Adventures. Its uniquely designed geode cracker nicknamed the "Crack-en" allows prospective prospectors to break open their own geodes, reveal treasures inside that took millions of years to develop.

"The Crack’en has been designed in a way to safely and easily allow guests to experience the fun of cracking open the geode themselves," said Lynette Vartanian of Gold Rush Mining. "Recently we had a five-year-old crack her geode. She was amazed as were her parents!"

Each geode is unique and no two are like inside. Like a box of chocolates, guests never know what they’ll find inside since each breaks different than the next.

The Crack’en is part of the mining experience Gold Rush brings to guests, who uncover their own Big Bear souvenirs—gemstones, minerals, fossils and geodes. Choose from a variety of salted mining ore enriched with an assortment of raw materials. No two bags are exactly like.

Belly up to the giant water wheel and sluice with enriched mining ore and the adventure begins. Empty the ore into the panning box, swish the water and watch as treasures are revealed. Compare what you found on the specimen chart.

The minerals and fossils are real and a great way to begin a hobby or collection. There’s also real dinosaur bones on display—along with authentic dinosaur poop!—plus mosasaur teeth. The items are educational and truly one of a kind.

Stones can also be cut for mounting into jewelry or just take home and enjoy. Most of the stones found in ore can be cut and mounted into rings or pendants for a fraction of what jewelry stores charge. Like a quartz crystal on display that has been cut, polished and mounted...looks like a real diamond!

Mining is inexpensive, with bags of geodes priced from $10-$49 and open daily.